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Dog Kennels For Sale

January 9th, 2013

There are times when you have no choice but to put your doggie in a kennel outside – even if he’s normally an indoor pet.

Maybe you’ve just varnished your hardwood floor and you don’t want little paw prints all over the place, or perhaps you’ve finally managed to get your baby to sleep for his afternoon nap, and you don’t want Fido barking up a storm and waking your little one up again.

Other times, it can be nice to provide your doggie somewhere he can go and chill out, or cool off during the hot summer months – and of course he’ll appreciate the extra shelter if he gets caught in light showers or a quick snow flurry.

However, not all dog kennels are made equal.

Outdoor Dog Kennels For Sale

Now, when you think “dog kennel”, you’re probably thinking of the traditional ones that you see, for example, in many of those classic Tom & Jerry cartoons – you know, the one Spike lives in.

But that’s definitely not the sort of dog kennel we’re talking about here – after all, you’d hardly describe kennels such as the one shown here as luxurious or spacious.

No, we’re talking about ones where your doggie has somewhere to move around freely, to get out of the sun, perhaps to take a nap, to catch a breeze without being loose to run wild around your garden, tearing up your plants or digging holes in your pristine lawn and without having to be tethered to a running chain (which most dogs hate).

So, good news! We’ve found a great selection of very stylish wooden dog kennels for sale just for you.

They are all hand-crafted according to Amish traditions, using natural wood products only sourced from Amish communities all over the United States.

These outdoor dog kennels can house anywhere from one to eight dogs, depending on which one you choose.

Check out this short video that gives you a taste of these small and big dog kennels:

Click for more details regarding our recommended kennels for sophisticated dogs.

You love your doggies, so why not give them the best?

Elevated Levels Of Chemical Contaminants From Corn Spark Hy-Vee Recall

March 5th, 2013

Yes, there’s yet another recall of dog foods, this one from Hy-Vee, Inc.

You can read their official press release here.

You will note that the article states the cause of the problem is “elevated levels of a chemical contaminant usually found in corn.”

That may just sound like a minor problem, but did you know corn has no business being in dog food in the first place? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It’s not easy for dogs to digest – unless it’s first ground into a fine meal and then thoroughly cooked, but proper preparation of corn takes additional time and money, so do you really think the manufacturers will take these steps if they don’t need to?
  2. Almost all corn grown in the USA today is genetically-modified, and there is plenty of research to demonstrate that GM foods cause all sorts of problems, including cancer. Did you know more and more dogs are developing cancer at younger and younger ages? And that this is in part due to the low-quality dog food (as well as the increased number of toxic vaccinations given to dogs these days)?
  3. It’s a known source of allergens – maybe it’s not the corn itself, although there is plenty of evidence to suggest this is the case, but the tiny mites that live in the storage silos, as well as their droppings and carcases, most definitely cause allergic reactions.
  4. Corn has a high glycemic index compared to other grains, and that can lead to an unhealthy rise in blood sugar. Did you know more and more dogs these days have diabetes? Ever wonder why? Well, now you know.
  5. Compared to other foods (e.g. beef, fish meal, eggs), it is not a good source of protein. In fact, it’s not a good source of nutrients at all, according to data taken from the USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
  6. It’s also not a particularly good source of energy, especially when compared to meats such as beef and lamb.

So, why do so many manufacturers put corn in their pet foods?

That’s simple – because it offers a very cheap supply of calories!

If you’re interested in what dog food we use with our own doggies, then check out Triumph – it’s nutritious, it’s not packed with toxic chemicals and other undesirable elements, and it’s made in the USA, not in China like most commercial mass-market pet foods are. (BTW, Triumph also make a high-quality cat food too.)

Your doggie loves you unconditionally, so please re-pay that love and trust by feeding him a diet that will ensure a long and healthy life.

Top 10 Common Canine Parvo Misconceptions Debunked

January 9th, 2013

Having already gone through a Parvo crisis with some of my own dogs (many years ago now), it wouldn’t be stretching the truth too far to say that I’ve become somewhat paranoid about this virus.

Which means I’m always on the look-out for anything to do with Parvo.

The good news is that there is now a ton of information about Canine Parvo on the Internet.

The bad news, however, is that a lot of that information is just plain wrong!

Much of this misinformation (or is it disinformation) is propagated by news websites, who often simply quote the word of whatever local vet is being featured in the story, rather than verifying the facts for themselves.

However, you’ll also see all sorts of crazy stuff appearing on dog forums, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on personal blogs, etc.

So, after surfing site after site after site for some time, I’ve compiled the following list of common Parvo myths – and I also reveal the truth about each of them.

Ready? Then let’s start with one of the most prevalent myths around: Continue Reading »

Greedy Dogs

November 14th, 2010

Here’s Doggie Poem #10:

  Got plenty of food for our dogs to eat
Really good stuff full of brown rice and meat
Even lots of bowls so no need to fight
Ever one available, day and night
Doggies aren’t happy, though, with only that
Yes, they’re after their snacks, and by the vat
Do you think that they might be food junkies
Oreos, ice cream, waffles or Twinkies
Greedy for whatever food they can find
Stealing ours even, they surely don’t mind


Las Vegas TV Host, Patty Chong, Talks About Her Parvo Ordeals

May 13th, 2010

Patty has experienced Parvo twice – once with heartbreak and once with joy.

The first time, she took her puppies to the vet, who was unable to save a single pup even though the bill for this treatment was about $13,000 USD, while on the second outbreak, using home Parvo treatment, puppies as young as two weeks all survived, at a cost of less than $300 USD.

Read Patty’s Case Study to find out the whole story.

Dealing With Your Pets Illness

June 23rd, 2009

One of the worst experiences for a cat owner is if your pet becomes sick. This can be stressful for both yourself and of course your cat. Because of this it is very important that you can spot your cat’s symptoms and either diagnose it or take it to your vet to be treated. If you want to make sure your cat is kept in good health and condition. You must ensure your pet is getting a lot of exercise and you are feeding them some top quality food.

One issue you may find with an elderly cat is they can suffer from diabetes. If you notice that your cat is not eating as much or as often as usual and urinates more than typical then you should take them to your vet to be looked over.

A more serious condition for a cat is Leukemia. This can lead to your cat becoming seriously ill and even dying so if you spot your cat looking malnourished and not eating as much as usual then you should have your cat looked over.

Something simpler to deal with is cat fleas. You can get medicine to deal with this and you can simply rid your cat of this condition.

Where To Buy Parvaid – And What You Must Know First

May 26th, 2009

Note: we no longer recommend or sell Parvaid – please click here to find out why.

The problem of where to buy Parvaid would seem simple enough – just go to the local store and pick up a bottle.

Sorry, that’s just too easy; it is a little more involved than that.

Parvaid is an herbal product that is synthetic and chemical-free. It is both safe and effective. Sadly, since it is not a chemical-based drug, most vets trained in traditional Western Medicine wholly discount organic products as nothing but some alternative solution that can’t possibly work as it has not been approved by the FDA.

Herbal products that are classified as food supplements or botanicals, which is true of Parvaid and its related products, do not need to be evaluated by the FDA and therefore do not have to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

A wall of resistance seems to go up as soon as you mention non-traditional or non-mainstream products. Most vets Continue Reading »

Keeping a Dog

April 22nd, 2009

Having a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. A dog will always be loyal and devoted to you and give you unconditional love. When choosing a dog you should first consider whether you have the time to look after it and give it the attention it deserves. If you are at work all day you can not expect the dog to stay at home all day alone. It will be very unhappy and probably end up chewing the furniture. The next point is are you prepared to give the dog the exercise it needs – this may mean getting up quite early to take it out.  I have a friend who takes his dog running with his bicycle every night and morning – they both love this! Have you got a garden?  It is quite sad to see a dog confined to a flat most of the day. Have you got children? If so it is important that they learn to respect the dog and not treat it like a toy e.g. pulling its ears etc.  So if you are happy with all this remember a dog is for life and will always be your faithful friend.

G Davie


Pet Clothes Designer

February 25th, 2009

Many people choose to share stories about their pets over the Internet, whether it be tales of how they despair over their pet’s disobedience or how they like to dress up their pets in various dog clothing or dog Halloween costumes. More and more and more recently it has become common for people to write books detailing their pet’s lives, some books even being made into films, such as Marley and Me. This book is about a male yellow Labrador named Marley creating havoc in his owner’s lives, a very funny yet extremely moving story, it compelled me to begin to write down tales about my own dog, my chocolate Labrador. Since losing her littermate last year, she has become extremely needy and has developed many little quirks as well as physical problems. One such problem is her bladder, which she cannot now control, a lot of the time she doesn’t even realise she is wet! She isn’t actually allowed into the living room, except when she has been invited. She is very intelligent and obedient and we had no cause to think otherwise. Until… one morning I came downstairs in my pyjamas and sat down on the couch. Upon starting to feel a bit damp, I stood up realised there was a huge wet patch on the couch. Upon investigation and finding of brown hair, we came to the conclusion that whilst we had all been in bed, our obedient Labrador had snuck into the living room, jumped up on the couch and had a nice, comfy sleep till morning when she got up to avoid being caught and crept back to her rug. Who knows how long she had been doing this, however, in this instance she left her calling card…

Agility Training For Dogs

January 1st, 2009

Most people love having some form of pet around their home, be it a fish, bird, cat or just man’s best friend – the dog. As with owning any pet there is responsibility that goes with it. Fish and birds need to be fed if contained, as they cannot just wander off and go find their own food. Cats can easily find their own food. Dogs however faithful can still starve due to being mistreated or not being fed, to the degree that they would eat stones just to fill their bellies.
When owning a dog, it would be nice to see you getting undivided loyal attention (you can try a dog agility training DVD course) and unconditional love. Your best friend would do tricks for you just to get his or her supper, just to impress you and show their loyalty.
If you’re looking for other dog training products, go here.
As with healthy environment so the dog food also plays a major role in their well-being. When purchasing dog food you too need to know what ingredients to look for in the dog food recipe from the list on the tin or bag.

You could also make your own dog food recipe if your dog does not like any tinned food, or even just to save on money sometimes. By having your own dog food recipe you would need to know what is the base of the meal, being mostly rice and or cereal. As with any dog food your homemade dog food recipe might not go down as well with your pet as expected. There is obviously something missing in the dog food recipe.
Spoilage For You Is Not Spoilage For Your Pet
Since most dogs love chicken, and is usually given as a treat, it is important also to know that adding bones into your dog food recipe could lead to problems too. Bones however they may seem healthy for your dog to chew on can splinter in the stomach, so it is wiser not to add them to your dog food recipe, but give them rawhide instead to chew on.
Just as it is important to know what to put in your dog food recipe it is more important to know what not to. Certain human foods are not healthy for dogs especially onion. There is quite a list of what dogs should not be given, even if they take if from you it would only be done out of loyalty, not because they do not know what is and what is not good for them.
Just as every human likes a treat, most people chose chocolate as spoilage, this is one treat you should never give your dog. A treat is usually given to a dog when they’ve done a great job and behaving very well, so go and check out some healthy dog treats.

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